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What Is Detoxification And How To Perform It In The Right Way?

The term "detoxification" is commonly heard these days, and it is also frequently used every time you enter into the world of fitness and health. Understanding its true core, what it represents, and how to maximize its potential, on the other hand, can make all the difference.

Therefore, let's roll down the blog to learn about it in detail along with knowing how to detox your body perfectly.

A Brief About Detoxification 

Detoxification is a natural process that our bodies go through to eliminate and cleanse toxins and undesirable elements. It is our body's major function, and it continually operates and interacts with the rest of our body's functions.

As a result, it is a mandatory procedure that keeps our bodies healthy and enhances and optimizes their performance. It is naturally done by reducing the number of pollutants we introduce into the body while simultaneously providing the body's removal and detoxification systems with the nutrients they require to function properly.

However, keeping up an ideal diet to achieve the same is becoming nearly impossible, and therefore, even doctors suggest individuals take Organic Body Detox supplements.

Body Detox What is Detoxification

Signs That Shows Your Body Needs Detoxification

  • Tiredness and sleeping more often

  • Unpleasant Gastro health and poor intestinal elimination

  • Acnes, allergies, Swollen eyes, frequent mood swings, etc.

  • Poor health and immunity and getting ill frequently

  • Acidity and bloating

All of these are signs that our body's fuel needs to be corrected. Self-cleansing and self-healing are effective ways to revitalize one's body. What we feed our bodies determines our physical and emotional wellbeing.

3 Simple Stages Of Detoxification 

  1. STAGE 1: The toxic substance are taken up by liver and are converted into smaller components.

  2. STAGE 2: This stage makes it easier for toxin to be kicked out from the body. The toxic substance are taken and converted into non-toxic substance.

  3. STAGE 3: The toxins are thrown out of the body through urine, stool, and even sweat. 

4 Simple And Most Effective Ways To Detoxify Your Body

1. Consume Foods High in Probiotics

Probiotics are necessary for our health, they are found naturally in some high in fiber foods but are sometimes explicitly added to foods. There is no official study on how much you should consume probiotics but it is recommended to eating 3-5 grams probiotics can benefit the health of your gut. Some foods which are good sources of probiotics: 

  • Garlic

  • Bananas

  • Apple

  • Dandelion Greens

2. Reduce Intake of Processed Foods and Sugar

Processed sugar and food are considered as one of the main reasons for degrading our health. Eating sugar and refined can lead to increase in weight and high sugar levels and can lead to obesity along with lots of toxins. 

One can focus one a fibrous diet than a sugary one. Following would be the benefits you would receive form reducing sugar intake:

  • Better nutrition

  • improved willpower

  • Reduced weight

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Reduced chance of developing a heart related disease

  • Better skin


Fasting has been practiced for many centuries by various religious beliefs for the health and spiritual upliftment. Fasting is completely natural, it is not a mere coincidence that we lose our appetite when we are sick.

Fasting has various benefits such as increased metabolism, high energy level and most importantly, removal of unwanted materials from our body. Let's have a look at the correct ways of fasting:

  • Abstain yourself form eating salt for one full day.

  • Replace rice and roti with any other grains for a single day

  • Consciously skip meals (preferably dinner) and replace it with a lighter meal

  • Eating no grains for one day, eat soup and fruits instead

 4. Using Organic Body Detox Supplements 

Using supplement pills are a perfect, healthy, natural, and proven way to flush away harmful toxins from the body along with increasing energy levels. In addition, it catalyzes the weight loss process for getting a toxin-free body.

Whenever it comes to treating IBS, constipation, or bloating, our these supplements are the most natural and healthy option. Their organic ingredients include herbal concoction to reduce gas and bloating symptoms while also cleaning your gut and boosting your metabolism.

Common Misconception About Body Detoxification

  1. Drinking “tons” of water help us to detox. Although it is not necessary true but perhaps it just helps our kidney to flush out toxins as a form of urine.

  2. Drinking 3-4 liter water throughout the day would be enough.

  3. It is not true that you must be vegan for detoxing. Anyone from vegetarian to non-vegetarian to eggetarian can take part in detoxifying their body. 

  4. You need Laxatives or charcoal to detox. The Laxatives could be abrasive and Charcoal could also be result in the imbalance of electrolytes.

  5. Taking supplements would have side effects. It completely depends upon the brand you're choosing. If you go with legitimate US-based company that sells FDA and GMP certified supplements like Hard Rock Health, then you'll have zero percent chances of side affects. 

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