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Link RF Radio LED Photon Therapy Machine

Link RF Radio LED Photon Therapy Machine

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l Skin firmming & wrinkle removing      

l Whitening&Remove yellow        

l Nutrition lead-in       

l Healing eye bags



1. nonporous mesotherapy: using a special pulse occured by the double-clicked current ; directly lead the skin needs nutrients into the dermal layer of the skin; so you do not have to use surgery; can nourish the skin.

2.Electroporation import: through special current open the gap of the skin cells; making the effective skincare cream ingredients directly into the dermal layer.10 times increase absorption through the skin!(In areas with thin skin such as the eye area; EMS can be felt better.)

3. RF current: high-frequency electrical resistance heating; effective at improving skin deep relaxation; aging wrinkles; through the current effective promote lymphatic and blood circulation; body shaping and other care.(Tip: RF energy is not strong; some people may not feel the heat.)

4. The microwave pulse: using four levels conduction and special pulsetechnology; the AC generates microwaves; sparking muscle contraction; Buddha muscle tissue; firm skin; restore elasticity .

5. LED phototherapy: LED phototherapy can effectively repair and healing the mirco gaps of the electroporation; needle-free mesotherapy ultra- fine skin; the skin pores and then import the wound period; calming anti-inflammatory effect.







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