55cm Pilates Yoga Ball Soft Ball Gym Fitness Core Exercise Tools + Air Pump

Size: 55cm(diameter) 
Colors: Red, Blue, Purple,Silver, Pink (5 Colors)
Suitable fitness: crossfits, yoga, pilates, stretching

- Anti burst & Slip-resistant. The balance ball is made of thick and durable PVC material. The material is eco-friendly, latex-free and non-toxic.Plus, anti-burst design is used in superior PVC material, which ensures the safety is put in the first priority.
- Durable & Strong. As adopted durable and high-quality material in fitness ball, it can support 200 lbs which provides you with the most rigorous workout / fitness condition. High durability enables you to sit on the stability ball chair in the office / home everyday, which helps you improve the sitting posture.
- Fit For Olympic Standard Size. Stability ball fits for different exercises, such as yoga, pilates, stretching and crossfits, which enhance coordination and balance and increase flexibility in abdomen, thighs and lower back. 
- Also, it can help you tone, sculpt and chisel your shoulders, arms, hips, thighs and other muscle groups through using the stability ball. Meanwhile, your muscle can be greatly relaxed. Thus, stability ball is perfect for different kinds of exercises.

Package included: 
1x Stability ball 
1x Air pump
1x Air valves remover tool