Magic Massage Stretch Equipment Neck Massager Stretcher Tool Fitness Cervical

1. New design, the protruding point is inlaid with magnets.
2. Magnetic therapy: A physical acupoint massage for the neck spine can quickly unclog the meridian, promote and improve the neck spine problem
3. Posture corrector and lumbar support.
4. Ergonomic design includes a multi-level arch with 3 adjustable settings so that all ages and fitness levels can use and improve flexibility
5. With the protruding point, can help the acupoint massage
6. You can lie on it or use it as a pillow when you work.
7. Pulling with its own gravity, opening the neck inter-vertebral space, so that the disc herniation point retraction, reduce nerve compression, relieve pain.

 Product function: Acupuncture, massage, magnet, physiotherapy, arc stretching and traction

Product material: Yoga mat strip NBR material
Panel and base material are made of ABS or PP polyurethane
Healthy, harmless and durable
Product color: blue black, purple black, green black, pink black

Package Content:
1 x Neck Stretcher Tool