Thai MMA Ankle Support Wraps - Breathable Ankle Guard Protection for Combat Sports

About this item

  • VERY GOOD CONSTRUCTION. These MMA Ankle Support Wraps are made of high-quality cotton fabric and are built to last. They'll not only withstand ordinary wear and tear, but they'll also keep you cool during your most intense exercises.
  • PERFECT FIT. These thick and sturdy support wraps will give the protection you need by fully supporting your ankle and lower instep. Each support has an elasticized construction for a comfortable fit and maximum support.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION. Ankles are extremely vulnerable to damage, so they must be protected. Wear these Support Wraps to prevent injuries when participating in Muay Thai, MMA, boxing, kickboxing, aerobic boxing, martial arts, and other sports.
  • PERFECT STABILITY. These high-quality ankle wraps provide a snug fit and give the support and protection your ankles require. In addition to preventing injuries, these wraps can be used to relieve pain from an existing injury or to provide additional support to weak, unstable ankles.
  • SIZE OPTIONS. These Ankle Support Wraps come in four sizes to fit everyone's needs: small, medium, large, and extra-large. They come in pairs and are the ideal protection against ankle injury.