7 Pcs Yoga Set for Men and Women | Home Workouts


This 7 pcs set including:

1. Yoga block 23*15*7.5cm 2. Yoga mat 173*60*0.6cm 3. Yoga ball Dia: 65cm 4. Resistance Bands 1800*150*0.35mm 5. Pedal Ttension Rope 27*52cm 6. Yoga stretch strap 183*3.8cm 7. Yoga towel 183*63cm Yoga mat with specially designed memory foam – Ribbed surface on one side with a smooth surface on the other; the non-slip surface grips the floor to prevent injuries – Features an integrated carry strap Provide support and balance with our durable foam yoga blocks and deepen your stretch with our 183cm yoga strap that allows for better extension of the body Our yoga towels are designed with microfiber technology and prime absorption to provide slip-resistant and sweat-free workouts.



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