Adjustable 8-25 kg Water-filled Dumbbell | Home fitness and Workouts

It's light, small, and portable when it's not filled with water, and when it's filled with water, it has weight, which is nice for exercising arm muscles.


  1. The usage of this water-filled dumbbell is unique and practical, and the weight can be modified based on your demands because the volume of water can be controlled.
  2. Weight bag made of high-quality PVC, with a good seal, no leakage, and a convenient design. When you drop it to the ground, it won't damage the floor because it's soft.
  3. The removable design makes it easy to assemble and operate, as well as transporting and storing the air bleeding device. It comes with all of the essential attachments.
  4. The exercise equipment is portable and space-saving and may be used for personal training at home or at the workplace.


Aim the faucets at the mouth of the ball. In addition, our detail page also has a detailed water filling method. The finest way is to remove the showers heads and fill the ball with water.

Packing List:
8 * Dumbbell Bag (without water)
8 * Screw
2 * Leverage
4 * Extension Rod