Ab Roller Wheel/ Abs Wheel for Core Strength, Abs Workout Equipment for Abdominal Training/ Exercise Equipment for Home

About this item

  • This ab roller is an efficient core exercise equipment for increasing core strength [fits for beginners and pros]. Beginners can usually operate this roller on their knees. Knee pads give sturdy lower body support and enable for smooth performance. Once you've developed sufficient core strength, you can progress to higher levels of performance, such as standing posture.
  • [Workout gear for effective abdominal exercise] Easy to put together. The abs wheel roller comes in three components to assemble. Before you begin your core strength programme, take 30 seconds to warm up. Unlike other bulky home gym equipment, abs wheels are easy to transport for outdoor training, travel, parks, and road trips.
  • [Best home workout equipment] The tire's unique surface ensures that it will not make any noise while in use and will not harm your flour. It's ideal for use at home, in the backyard, or at an outdoor park. Keeps the conflict away from your neighbour.
  • [A gift for your gym pal] Indoor/outdoor fitness equipment that is simple and convenient. In the current COVID-19 circumstance, it makes your core strength exercise more efficient. Any present for any occasion is recommended.