Adjustable Dumbbell, 25/ 55 lbs Single Hand Weight for Men and Women

About this item

  • Dumbbell changes from 5 to 25 pounds without disassembling; Faster change in 5-pound increments (5lbs,10lbs,15lbs,20lbs,25lbs) with one-handed operation.
  • Super 5 in 1 adjustable 5 in 1 dumbbells are similar to five regular dumbbells, saving you money while also allowing you to attain higher training goals.
  • Bionics Technology Innovation:
  • The grip is comprised of Silicon Steel and high-strength nylon. Hand Weight's non-slip frosted finish improves friction in all directions.
  • Set of Home Gym Weights:
  • Men and women can easily train their entire body muscles using a number of training methods. Effectively assist folks who enjoy home gym fitness.
  • Each set of dumbbells includes an innovative high-density base that keeps the dumbbells from touching the ground directly. Not only are the dumbbells protected, but they are also kept from striking the floor.