DIY Pulley Cable Machine System with Multifunctional Handle


1.Adjustable and durable cable: The 2m long cable length allows a variety of workouts where you may required a longer cable length, such as seated lat-pulls, abdominal workouts and the length can be adjusted. 2.Versatile: Detachable, adjustable length handles can be used for more fitness equipment, such as resistance bands, rowing machines and cable machine. Great for lat pulldowns on exercise machine, pullups and other hanging exercises. 3.Easy to install and operate: Just pass the loading pin through the center hole of the weight plate and connect the parts. The lifting pulley system can be connected to the power frame, pull rods, beams and wherever a belt can be installed. Its small package size allows you to take it with you and make it travel-friendly.

Package included:

1x Double layer Strap 1x Adjustable cable 1x Loading Pin 1 Pair Multi-function handle 1x Pulley 4x Carabiner 1x Extended webbing

Package List