DMAR Abdominal Plate Wheel Roller Trainer

  • Abdominal plate wheel roller: Have toned body with abs for perfect looks. Our abdominal plate wheel roller can be used in various ways with an aim to tone up your upper body. 
  • Shape up your physique: The abdominal plate wheel roller will stretch your muscles through which you will burn calories, enhance your core, and shape the abdominal structure. Women and men both can loose belly fat and eventually get the good body.
  • Easy carrying: Since the abdominal plate wheel roller comes with a compact size, an individual can easily carry them anywhere easily. Moreover, it is the perfect workout equipment for building physique at home. 
  • Better results, lesser time: Training with abdominal plate wheel roller only 10 minutes a day will draw tremendous within few weeks. You'll start seeing the effect within 3-4 days