Adjustable Push Ups And Sit Up Bar Assistance

  • Upgraded Multifunctional Design—Aids you with sit-ups, push-ups, sidekicks, belly movement, back stretching, elbow planks, press-ups, and other exercises. It is beneficial to train your abdominal muscles, decrease abdominal fat, and shape your physique.
  • Portable—Lightweight and portable design, tiny occupation, portable for a workout anytime, anyplace, easy to set up and store, and use.
  • High-quality material—The thick foam is soft and pleasant, providing pain relief to the instep. High-strength, high-hardness, and bright-surfaced cold-rolled steel. Rubber chassis with a 5-inch diameter and excellent suction and stability.
  • Easy Installation—Find a clean level ground first, then place the sit-up bar on the ground and draw down the lock for a simple home installation that requires no equipment. Last but not least, make sure the gear is in the right place for your feet.


  1. Play belly movement, back stretching, elbow plank, press-up, and other exercises.
  2. Compact design with an s-shaped curvature that makes it easy to carry and use. It's ideal for at-home strength training.
  3. This sit-up bar's bottom rubber sucker has been upgraded to give stronger suction, making it more secure and solid.
  4. Improve joint flexibility and mobility while reducing stress.