Gliding Discs For Exercises\ Sliding Plates

  • EXERCISE SLIDERS WITH DOUBLE SIDE: For carpets or other blankets, use the smooth(plastic) side, and for hard floors, wood, or tile, use the fabric material side. On the hardwood, avoid using the plastic side.

  • GREAT WITH ANY WORKOUT: These exercise sliders are ideal for mountain climbers, ab workouts, Crossfit, yoga stretches, and other similar exercises. While you enjoy lunges, planks, bridges, or just build up your own workouts, toning your abdomen, back, arms, or legs will never be an issue again. We also provide a workout handbook if you're a newbie and need some inspiration.

  • STRENGTHEN YOUR CORE: Because your hands or feet are in continual touch with the ground, you're getting a low-impact, high-results workout, especially for your core! Your Choice core sliders enable you to do workouts that target every muscle area in your body to tone it, enhance balance, and tighten it. Try gliding your way to a more powerful and attractive physique.