Fitness Heavy Arm Trainer Muscle Grip Ball

Color: with 72mm ball
$39.80 USD



Webbing length 20cm/7.9inch According to your needs,you can choose Ball diameter 72mm/97mm


1.Practical: Pull-up ball can be a handy handle for gym equipment, increases forearm muscles and grip strength, boosts endurance and explosiveness. 2.High Quality: This pull-up ball design bring more fun to your exercise. The ball has many spherical grooves, so your hands are not easy to slip. 3.Fun, safe, durable, open-hand design. Muscles tendons lay ergonomically & train efficiently. Excellent to add into your workout routine. 4.Spherical shape increases forearm and grip strength, boosting endurance. A must have for rock climbers, extreme sports rock climbing enthusiasts, wrestling, gymnastics, and parkour.

Package List:

1x Hand Grip Ball, 1x Webbing with Base

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