Gymnastics Mat | Yoga Mats | Fitness Mats

Buy high quality all-in-one gymnastics mat, yoga mat, fitness mat that enhances daily fitness exercises and programs. It helps individuals of all the age group and gender to perform martial arts, yoga, pilates, stretching, asanas, etc. on a comfortable mat that keeps them away from distraction. 

Our gymnastics mat, yoga mat, fitness mat is made of up thick firm white high density EPE(cross-linked polyethylene) foam that ensures a longer commitment with comfort. 

  • Portable: Our fitness/yoga/gymnastics mats are extremely portable and foldable for ease in carry and storage.

  • Various color options:  Every individual is allowed to pick their favorite color for mat and perform activities with even more fun. 

  • Multi-functionable: A single mat can be used of various functions. Users are enabled for performing training sessions, gymnastics, yoga positions, etc.  and small kids can crawl on them too.