High Quality EVA Yoga Blocks For Balancing And Meditation

The Hard Rock Health's Yoga Blocks may be a great exercise partner for novice and seasoned yogis alike, helping to improve balance and take your favorite position to the next level. With our Blocks, you'll be able to reach deeper into your poses while still keeping perfect form and alignment.

They'll adjust to your degree of flexibility, which is beneficial for beginners and inflexible persons, as well as expert practitioners who want to attain difficult postures.

  • The edges of the yoga blocks are beveled due to the round cutting process, making them pleasant to the touch and simple to hold.
  • The yoga blocks are created with just the right amount of hardness and softness, making them both effective and pleasant.
  • These 4"x6"x9" yoga blocks are made entirely of EVA Foam, making them both recyclable and non-toxic.