Xiaomi MI Band 5- Smart Fitness Band

Main Features​:

  1. Color Screen: 1.1" large screen color display, resolution : 126 x 294 RGB
  2. Snooze Mode: 10 minutes (must be specified in application).
  3. 100+ online theme dials and personalised backgrounds * 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope
  4. The battery has a capacity of 125mAh. Up to 14 days on a single charge (recharging time: 2 hours)
  5. Music Smart Control allows you to control your phone and snap photographs.
  6. There are 11 professional sports modes in all (Outdoor running, Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling, Power walking, Swimming, Elliptical machine, Treadmill, Skipping rope, Yoga, Rowing machine, Freestyle,)
  7. Data from step counting is affected by a variety of variables, including extreme shaking and riding! Please disregard its typical data as its function is mostly utilised for step counting while running.