Knee Compression Sleeve for Men and Women (2 Pack)

About this item

  • Take action now to avoid knee discomfort in the future! Improve joint and muscle function while avoiding injuries. The Bodyprox Knee Compression Sleeves are an excellent addition to your workout bag since they provide additional support and protection to help reduce hazards and promote healthy patella alignment. Made of a stretchy nylon, spandex, and latex blend that adapts to each knee, providing support and compression where you need it most. A non-slip grip is provided by the silicone liner.
  • Muscle tiredness is reduced: Maintain knee stability while exercising! While jogging or working out, repeated impact against the knee causes muscular vibration, which fatigues the muscle and reduces performance. Wear the Bodyprox Knee Compression Sleeves during training and competition to increase your endurance!
  • Compression sleeves improve blood circulation by increasing blood flow to and from the muscles, allowing adequate oxygen to reach the cells. Lactic acid is produced by the body during exercise and accumulates in the muscles, producing stiffness and impaired performance. By eliminating lactic acid from the muscle, oxygenated cells avoid this build-up, boosting overall performance and recovery!