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Lazy Home Fitness Equipment Shake Machine

Lazy Home Fitness Equipment Shake Machine

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Electrical outlet

Product information:
Power supply mode: AC
Control method: computer type
Gear position: infinitely variable
Massage principle: vibration hyperthermia
Number of massage heads: 4 and below
Color: White

1. Use its slimming function to help you reach your goal. Combined with a reasonable diet, it is an effective means to burn body fat and reduce weight.
2. If your body has a unique swing motion, it will help to perform basic conditioning.
3. Give you a home-like massage, allowing you to get a rest after a day of work.
4. Encourage better blood circulation around the contact point and reduce muscle fatigue.
5.6 mode and 6 intensity
6. Time setting: 15 minutes and 30 minutes switch

Massage belt x1

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