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Outdoor Camping Pot Portable Combination 9 Piece Set

Outdoor Camping Pot Portable Combination 9 Piece Set

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Product information:

Name: Camping pot
Model: UR21013
Color: green, orange
Material: Hard Alumina
Function: steam/boil/fry
Usage: suitable for hiking in the wild

Frying pan: 1 diameter 15.8CM height 4CM
Cooking pot: 1 diameter 15.5CM height 7CM
Pot lid: 1 diameter 13.8CM
Bowl: 2 diameter 11CM high 4CM
Soup spoon: 1 diameter 8.2CM height 2CM
Rice spoon: 1 length 13CM width 5CM
Washing utensils: 1 length 4CM width 2.8CM
Stainless Steel Folding Spoon: 1 Expand: 15.3*4cm Fold: 9.2*4cm

Packing list:

Frying pan*1 
Cooking pot*1
Pot lid* 1 
Bowl* 2 
Soup spoon* 1 
Rice spoon* 1 
Washing utensils* 1 
Stainless Steel Folding Spoon* 1 

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