PVC Fitness Balls Yoga Ball

1. Anti-burst System 

Our exercise ball with thick wall and high density, 2mm thicker than a regular yoga ball! With its anti-explosion power, it can endure 2T automobiles! When a sharp instrument pierces the exercise ball, it will slowly deflate rather than bursting. The new gym ball wall also has a frosted non-slip coating, which improves non-slip performance and protects your safety!

2. Improve Balance Fitness and Stability 

Using a yoga ball, you can activate all of your body's muscles! You may stretch your body, improve your balance, and eliminate sedentary discomfort by managing the flexible fitness ball for training. It's also great for supporting your waist and belly while you're pregnant.

3. High Quality And Durability 

The workout ball with pump is constructed of Phthalates-FREE PVC, which is high-quality and environmentally friendly. Our workout balls are huge, robust, and anti-slip thanks to the 360¬į slip-resistant lines design and Honeycomb Structure. They also have no odour and are safe to use.