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- Takedown Recurve Bow - Includes a recurve bow, spare straight limbs, spare bow string and target paper, designed for right hand shooters, beginners or skilled archers to practice archery skills, which is also perfect for outdoor hunting, horse riding, bowfishing, target archery & more
- Precise Aiming & Flexible Draw - Sight installed for precise aiming, help you react quickly to a moving target and improve archery accuracy; 30 Lbs, 35 Lbs, 40 Lbs draw weight for selection, best choice for beginners and masters
- Premium Materials for Durability - Aluminum magnesium alloy riser with high tensile and stability can withstand high stress flexing & loading for long-term arrow shooting; Bow strings made of high-quality BCY fiber, is sturdy and flexible, can keep bow in best shape
- Comfortable Hand Holding - Ergonomic grip for stable and comfortable holding, which well fits into any size hands while providing optimal shooting performance in the field; Smooth rounded edge for better hand protection
- 2-Way Assembly - Comes with 2 different types of bow limbs to flexibly set up recurve bow or longbow, which maximumly meets customized shooting demands; Also, easy to disassemble for convenient storage and carrying to outdoors


- Overall Dimension(LxWxH): 11 1/4" x 1 9/16" x 53 1/8" (28.5 x 4 x 135 cm)
- Limb Length: 23 5/8" (60 cm)
- Riser Length: 17 5/16" (44 cm)
- Brace Height: 8 11/16" (22 cm)
- Draw Weight: 30 & 35 & 40 Lbs (13.6 & 15.9 & 18.1 kg)
- IBO Speed: 260 ftp
- Material: Aluminum Magnesium Alloy, Fiberglass, BCY Fiber
- Net Weight: 3.53 Lbs (1.6 kg)

Package Contents:

- 1x Riser
- 2x Longbow Limbs
- 2x Recurve Bow Limbs
- 1x Longbow String
- 1x Recurve Bow String
- 1x Arrow Rest
- 2x Allen Keys
- 1x Sight
- 1x Target Paper
- 1x Manual

- Please make sure that there are no people or items in front of you when shooting, to avoid injury or loss.
- Please note that it may cause harm when you draw the bow without an arrow.


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