Set of 2 Cannonball Grips Pull Up Bar Grips

The CFF FIT Cannonball Grips are one of the greatest hand grip strengtheners, and they're perfect for pull-ups, farmer walk handles, and cable attachments. Increase your handgrip strength while also increasing the intensity of your workouts!

1. Expand your abilities 

Crush and pinch grip strength is beneficial for rock climbing, weightlifting, gymnastics, and other sports. For American Ninjas, Strongman, and Power Lifters, these are valuable assets. Your hand grip strength might be just as good even if you're not a competitive athlete.

2. Reach to maximum possibilities 

A cannonball grip set is a great piece of gym equipment to use if you want to work on your grasp in a way that other equipment won't. Pull-ups, hanging weights, farmer carries, bicep curls, lat pulldowns, back rows, and more are just a few of the grip strength workouts you can do with cannonball grips.

3. Intense Durability 

These tiny balls can support a lot of weight. You can use them to pull, hang, and swing from. They're attached with a sturdy hardened steel carabiner, so you won't accidentally hit the ground. Invest in exercise equipment that will allow you to get consistent performance results and increase your grip strength over time.