Small Exercise Ball/ Mini Pilates Ball 25cm

About this item

  • PVC material of high quality: The small workout ball is composed of PVC material, which makes it soft, stable, sturdy, and anti-burst. In a range of complicated postures, it can maintain elasticity and softness.
  • The little yoga ball comes with a plug and a straw and is easy to inflate.
  • The plug is simply removed, allowing you to quickly inflate and conduct yoga routines with your 25cm tiny exercise soft ball.
  • It is incredibly small and light, and you can carry it in your bag or pocket like a phone.
  • When fully inflated, the little ball is 6.1 inches in diameter.
  • You may carry it around with you and practise yoga whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Non-slip: The surface of the little pilates ball is covered with many rough microscopic bubbles. These tiny bubbles boost the friction force in contact with the body, preventing the exercise ball from slipping away while in use.
  • Boost core strength Strength: The little yoga ball can be used to exercise muscles and improve core balance on the back, abdomen, and legs. It can also improve blood circulation, burn calories, remove fat, and help you achieve your ideal body form.