Sports Fitness Resistance Bands Set for Leg and Arm Exercises


Easy to remove install and adjust 

In general, all of this equipment's attachments may be worn or dismantled in about two minutes and thirty seconds. This equipment's belt, wristband, foot ring, and foot strap may all be adjusted. The adjustment range is appropriate for the majority of people.

Comfortable in all the ways 

To do whole-body resistance training, you'll need a full set of gear. With your daily workout routine, you can build new training methods.


  • The belt size, foot ring, and glove ring can all be adjusted to fit your needs, making it more comfortable to use.
  • Basketball, volleyball, and football training may all benefit from this product.
  • More efficient and professional. Vertical bounce has a significant impact on leg strength. Leg muscles, chest strength, speed, and agility may all be improved.
  • Strong latex tube fabric protection film that is lightweight but robust. Soft latex and rubber materials are lightweight and comfortable to use.