T-bar Row Strap Platform Landmines Attachment for Home Gym Barbell Heavy Duty Accessories Core Strength Deadlift Fitness Workout

Color: Black
$35.60 USD


  • ▲ The slide-in design has 1 inch and 2 inch holes and can accommodate almost any barbell.
  • ▲ The high-density rubber grip ensures a firm grip on the lever during use.
  • ▲ The slide-in design allows you to use this accessory with Olympic and standard barbells.
  • ▲ The compact and multi-functional design provides you with the best fitness space and ensures the flexibility of various exercises, which is very suitable for exercise at home and gym.
  • ▲ With various weights of barbell plates and various special training handles, you can do a variety of extended training, for chest muscles, abdominal muscles, back muscles, upper and lower leg muscles, ankles, forearms, wrist grip, neck and shoulder muscles You can do all-round exercise.


Landmine Angled Handlebar is the perfect addition to your workout routine because of its extreme versatility. Constructed to accommodate all 1-2inch straight Olympic bars, this landmine slides onto your Olympic bar without scratching or damaging your bar. Constructed of steel, this landmine handlebar attachment allows you to target the mid and lower LATs and core

Reinforced solid plate steel gussets with a tubular sleeve to slide onto Olympic bar; Durable black powder coat finish to withstand wear and tear from workouts

This pro angled handlebar landmine is compatible with straight Olympic bars of any length; Simply slide onto barbell and start your reps

The seamless tube sleeve prevents scratching and damage to the bar; Rubber hand grips for a secure grip; Steel construction for durability

Slip on construction allows for quick bar installation and less down time between sets, creating efficiency during strength training workouts

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