USB Rechargeable Fitness Electric Muscle Stimulator Body


  1. The mode and intensity of each EMS machine can be modified independently. You can also modify the required mode and intensity by concurrently posting three abdominal muscles.

  2. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology, which grows muscles through the skin, is recognized as an effective technique of muscle training. It can be used on the stomach, arms, waist, and legs.

  3. There are six different exercise modes available. High-quality abs gel sheet with a 30% increase in conductivity. Ultra-compact and ultra-thin. You could wear this under a sweater at work and no one would notice it's there, and you can conduct muscle training in the office, bedroom, or wherever else you like.

  4. Not just in the gym, either. It's simple to use! The ergonomic design focuses on abdominal muscle exercise. Fix the training equipment in the position where you wish to build muscle. To begin the workout, simply press the button.