Wetsuit Men, 3mm Silicone Nylon Fabric/ Diving Suits

About this item

  • This wetsuit is comprised of 3mm Silicone + nylon elastic fabric and is of high quality. It is eco-friendly, healthful, soft and comfy, and kind on the skin. Diving suit made of ultra elastic nylon fabric that completely fits your body shape and allows you to be flexible while participating in water activities. There's no need to be concerned about cracking.
  • In chilly water, the 3MM thick long sleeve full wetsuit keeps you toasty. It can keep your body warm for a long period, regardless of whether you're in an outdoor or indoor swimming pool. High-density fabrics also serve a protective role, preventing your body from being pierced by sharp things. The full wetsuit design limits the amount of skin exposed, reducing the risk of sunburn, scrapes, and jellyfish bites.
  • Soft and stretch fabric embraces your figure wonderfully, and accommodates most male body shapes. Please choose the appropriate size based on the size chart we gave, rather than the size you usually wear. Never worry about your neck, wrist, or ankle feeling tight or choking again, so you may enjoy aquatic sports easily and freely.
  • The greatest underwater sports companion is a full wetsuit. Diving suits are appropriate for a variety of water sports, including diving, snorkelling, open water and indoor swimming, surfing, kayaking, white water rafting, pedal boarding, and other water activities. It's also a great present for yourself, your family, your boyfriend, or a friend.